[Devlog 01] The Idea

We started discussing a Tower Defense game. With the core idea of ​​wanting players to be able to interact more in the battle, the battle will take place at a higher speed with the skills of an “Action” game with a reasonable selection of “Strategy” to Defense.

So “Strategy” will be from the Towers, what about “Action”?

And we agreed it would be the Hero, the Hero who would destroy the hordes of monsters with fierce skills like Shoot’em up or RPG titles

The next problem is the theme of the game, especially the Main Character (our Hero), there are 2 options given: Marine space warriors shooting alien monsters, or Medieval context with the hero is the slayer of all kinds of mythical monsters. This issue was agreed to be put aside for the next meetings.

And so we started to design the prototype, this is the most primitive design version of Legendary Hoplite, camera problem solved (fixed camera), Control and Character problems will be solved in subsequent versions.

The game will be on both Mobile and PC, but because of the strict rules of interface design of the Mobile platform, we decided to focus on developing the Mobile version first.

In addition, during the design process, I used some images from the internet to include in the document for internal use and did not commercialize them in any way.