[Devlog 02] We have chosen the theme!

After designing the prototype version (a demo version, built to solve some pre-production issues), we proceed to build (program) the demo version with the shortest estimated time possible.

On the topic of the game, both previous options were rejected for several reasons such as:

– Marine warriors will use heavy weapons such as rifles and with that massive space armor, there will be no “Action” other than firing bullets, it goes against the original ideas.

– Knights, archers, or magicians with the Medieval context are too familiar, the whole team agrees that this topic is boring.

So at that time, we were rambling in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or even Lord of the Rings, but obviously, we would have big copyright problems if we used these themes.

When everything was at an impasse, luck appeared, while surfing Youtube to find documents, suddenly a video about the movie 300 appeared, right in my mind, I immediately thought of the Hoplite warriors with the armor that became the symbol. As a matter of fact, I continued to rummage through the books and found the answer. That’s Greek mythology, I’ve seen very few games on this subject, well, the spear animation combined with the gameplay is perfect, as well as the back and forth movements, would be very suitable. Then there are the monsters, the one-eyed giant Cyclops, the snake-headed monster Medusa, the wild Centaurs as well as the gods, so interesting. So I suggested “Greek Mythology” and “Ancient Greek” as the game’s main theme and everyone on the team completely agreed.

These are my first sketches of Legendary Hoplite, from handwritten to computer-generated versions.

And here are the books that I found in the cupboard, quite a lot because I borrowed more later.

After choosing a theme, the artist began to conceptualize the first characters and the environment. Developers continue to build prototypes.