[Devlog 04] Control problem solved

On-time, the Devs handed over two demos with 2 control options: A and B. This is an important step, so I need a long enough time to test, and option B shows superiority in comfort and enhanced control over the entire level. Here is a picture of the first version. The images of characters, attacks, and environments in this version are all images we have taken from many free resources on the internet. In this prototype stage, the visual part doesn’t need to be concerned, because at this point we only care about whether the gameplay is interesting or not. Even if using images that are too beautiful and complete, will ruin the test process because it gives a false feeling (because we will mistakenly think that the gameplay is interesting, but actually the fun comes from those images).

Actual images of versions A and B

So we chose version B and continued to upgrade and improve it to make the Control mechanism as smooth as possible.