[Devlog 05] Complete Demo

The concept of art has gradually been improved, in addition to the enemies, there are also towers, heroes, and environments.

We choose to do animation by software to save time compared to manual frame by frame. The most needed assets were quickly produced so that they could be added to the existing raw build. Everything seems to go well, the art style is quite strange and the animation is quite funny. The team’s Sound Editor also handled the necessary audio types to make the build more complete.

And this is the result when all factors come together.

The prototype was a success, but before we could celebrate, we had some bad news. A Dev in the team asked to withdraw from the project for personal reasons and we all respect his choice. So the team now has only 3 members: a game designer, an artist, and a dev.

The current prototype version has passed the tests and can move on to the final design and production phase. But since the team is just starting up, I and everyone have made a more cautious decision, we will proceed to make a few levels for friends to try and receive feedback.

Tweaking and balancing were done within 2 weeks, as a result, our friends enjoyed a pretty good demo, featuring 3 types of enemies, 2 types of towers (which will be called “army”), the hero has a skill and even the level has a Boss.

After the feedback acquisition process, here is the repeated feedback:

– The game is quite interesting, when playing this trial, you want to have more levels and other content.

– New way to play a game, when you are not familiar, it is difficult to play, once you get used to it, it is quite fun.

– The game has bad graphics so I don’t want to play it.

– And some other neutral feedback.

After summarizing the feedback, we found that the game is still on the playable scale, which is a pretty good result for a demo with extremely little content. The problem that needs to be adjusted is the graphics in the game, because most people comment as bad, not creating excitement when playing. And we agreed to continue to develop the game, but it was imperative to improve the visuals. The main artist of the team was very excited and said that he needed a week for a new graphic mock-up and that I was the one to assist him in his research on Greek mythology, which is also used to outline the game’s plot and world.