[Devlog 07] Building the foundation

The design days were also quite stressful, although it had been carefully prepared from the prototype versions, there were many unexpected problems that arose. Fortunately, I finished on time. I delivered the 150+ page document to everyone and started presenting the game’s mechanics, setting, and plot via Skype as usual. Fortunately, everyone was interested in my design, there were still some adjustments but all agreed to commit to this project, I spent the last 2 days of leave flying to Ha Noi City to meet everyone, had some fun, and name the team together, this is when we officially named the team Triplebricks.

Some images are taken from the design documents, hopefully, everyone will be able to imagine the development process (unfortunately, because to ensure the confidentiality of the game’s technical and content, I can’t reveal the full details in this Devlog). Some designs at the current stage may differ greatly from the images above because the game development process is a dynamic process, not too rigid when it has to be strictly adhered to from the original idea. I like to see the development of a game as planting a bonsai tree, not creating a motorcycle. The process of writing documents, editing, and sketching is all done by me in Microsoft Paint and MS Office. I just love Paint.

Note: The images that appear in the material in this process are mostly copied from the internet by me for internal use for the purpose of expressing ideas during pre-production, and I do not commercialize any of the images above.