[Devlog 08] Team has more members

In the next phase, our team had daily scrum meeting, set deadlines for versions, and followed it quite strictly. The first versions are regularly updated and tested thoroughly.

During this stage, some artistic problems arose, in which the animations produced with the software could not achieve the desired quality. So, the main artist of the team decided to change the plan, going to frame by frame to produce animation assets. In the team, the new members were very excited about this type of art, and new concept art is also regularly drafted and updated by the artist.

We also recruited a few friends to join the project, some joined and stayed and some came and left, but in general, everything was fine. I am very impressed with the sound editor and a young artist. Both of them have a very enthusiastic attitude in their work as well as working very hard to absorb knowledge from their seniors. Despite their very hard assigned tasks comparing to their current experience but they all do their best to finish them.

Here are some animation products made with “frame by frame” method.

Add a little sound in, we will have the complete content of the game in terms of graphics.