[Devlog 09] Inktober 2020

Inktober – Artists’ annual event, a marathon run with 31 consecutive works under 31 pre-set themes. The main artist of the team wants to participate in this event, but then, maybe the project will slow down. Nevertheless, we agreed to participate with the theme of Greek mythology, because most likely these works could be materials that can be included in the game. This month was both fun and tiring, although I have studied Greek mythology quite a lot, to choose 31 identical topics about Greek mythology and stand out was also quite difficult, not to mention having to write a story for the picture too. But that’s okay because the result was well worth it.

These are some of the artist’s 31 works, everyone can enjoy the full range of works here, all the artworks have their own stories.

Harpies – Did you lose anything?

Described as an extremely ugly and cruel creature, Harpies take the form of a large bird with wide wings, long legs, and sharp nails and their head and chest have the form of a woman. This creature has pale skin because of starvation having so little food, the hair on their body is always stinking with bad smells. Their fly speed can be compared to the speed of the wind but that wind is always accompanied by the disaster. Hence, Harpies is the symbol of windstorms with their destructive nature. Harpies are often referred to as a trio of sisters: Aello, Ocypete, and Celaeno to represent different aspects of a storm (fast, destructive, and dark).
Harpies are also known as “The Hound” of Zeus, or “The Swift Bandits”, ordered by Zeus to do the work of punishing sinners, taking Olympus’s treasures lost in the human world back to their god owners. In addition, they also often bring evildoers to Tartarus for the goddess Erinyes to punish. Therefore, as the stories go in the communities when someone suddenly went missing or has an item lost, they said it was taken away by the Harpies.

The most famous legend about Harpies is the punishment of King Phineus of Thrace. King Phineus was bestowed with a prophecy by the god Apollo, but Phineus did not use that ability in the right way but instead, he did things that angered the gods. Should have predicted natural disasters and epidemics to bring good omen for the people, he predicted the secret affairs of Mount Olympus and then bragged to the mortals around him just to show off his talent. And most blasphemous, he even predicted Zeus’ secret love affairs and spoiled it to his courtiers. Of course, when one made the gods angry, not to mention it was the ultimate god of Olympus, the consequences will be devastating. Zeus made Phineus blind and ordered the Harpies to bring him to a deserted island. The island is full of delicacies food, but when Phineus was about to put something in his mouth, the Harpy would come to rob the food from his hand. They ate while torturing the man and after they were full, they defecate on every dish containing the food that they cannot eat anymore. Phineus could only fumble for a few breadcrumbs on the ground to relieve his stomach. He was tortured days after days. Because every day, new food appeared on the plate and the Harpies resumed their routine like a pastime. This vicious cycle only stopped when Jason and his crew of Argonauts came to drive away from the Harpies and rescue Phineus. Then, based on his prophetic ability, Phineus gave some useful advice to help the crew continue their journey in return for their merit. This was the first time that he used his gift for the right thing, and Zeus stopped punishing him as well.

This is one of my favorite mythological stories, a piece of advice about using your intellect for good.
Well, I just remembered that I lost my favorite pen last week, could it be the Harpies? :))