[Devlog 10] Switching platforms, problems arise

Versions continue to be updated, but through testing and analysis, the mobile platform may not have enough performance to smoothly run the next features. So, we decided to build the first version on the PC platform, which ran very smoothly in terms of performance. But when I tried to convert the interface from mobile to PC, it was really difficult, because the mobile version is for portrait screens, and PCs have to be landscape screens.

The gameplay and interface clearly both need to be adjusted to accommodate the new aspect ratio

I have tried many ways and discussed with the team, it was not possible to bring the whole mobile version to PC. So we needed to make a decision to invest in only one version which was mobile or PC, because the simultaneous development of two versions was beyond the current capacity of the team. Through survey and research, we have chosen to develop the PC version, and at the same time stoped developing the mobile version. This was a decision that brings many changes, because to develop games on PC requires more time and effort from the members. This can be said to be a time of deadlock for the team, because the work was very slow, most of the reason was because their main daily work had taken up all our time for the project. Just as it was the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, people seemed to be less focus and more difficult to stay calm, I was no exception.

That situation lasted quite a long time, to relieve stress, we temporary paused the project and moved to the process of building a website for the game. Perhaps reducing the pressure has given us a chance to calm down and think more. Then one day, we all sat down to discuss with each other and made a rather bold decision, it can be said that this decision will change a lot of our current life.

Or at least to myself…