[Devlog 11] We do it the offline way

So, I and the other two original members decided to switch from working online to offline, because only full-time offline work can ensure the progress of the project. And the first thing is…to quit our current jobs, even though we all had very stable jobs and pretty comfortable life. But that’s not what we really want.

I will not write about the feelings of other members, because it is personal. As for myself, after knowing what I need to do, the decision was made very gently, there was no hesitation in my thoughts or actions. And so I flew to Ha Noi City to work with everyone, the workplace was designed in the most minimalistic way with the aim of not interrupting our communication and work. Besides, other team members continue to work online.

New working corner of the team

Now that everything’s settled, I’ll be back to journaling the game’s content progress.