Legendary Hoplite is a combination of Action RPG and Tower Defense. The game is about the war to survive mankind with ancient monsters in Greek Mythology. The duty to lead the war is upon your shoulder, control the hero across the battlefield and strategically arrange your army to prevent monsters from entering the castle. Kill monsters, hunt weapons, upgrade your armies and hero, defend your base from epic battles with monsters.

Play as Dio, a young commander inspired by the old heroes from Greek Mythology like Achilles, Hector, Perseus… He uses familiar weapons like spears, swords, shields to slay thousands of monsters attacking the city. The power of Dio will be upgraded and special abilities will be unlocked after each battle. Our duty is to prevent the enemy from passing the gate at any cost.

Tactical movement is the key to lead the army in battles.
The infamous spear throw of the ancient Greek warriors.
Melee skills are crucial on a bloody battlefield.
Use shields to stop the enemy’s advance.

Our hero cannot stand against the elite and legions of monsters alone. While controlling the hero to fight, the players must also, at the same time, coordinate the army to fence off the monsters. We must come up with the right strategies, to counter the enemies of diverse numbers and types. New army units will be updated continuously!

Wooden palisade, stone wall formations – the most effective defensive structures on the ancient battlefield.
Barrel throwersdirectly throw wooden crates or ceramic pots containing kerosene, poison, animals… at the enemy.

Phalanx strong unit with versatile technique to fight using spears and shields.
Archers long-range attack troops, optimized for killing enemies from watchtowers.

Our enemies are beasts and mythical races according to the original Greek Mythology. The legions of the dead were the ones who started the war, they organized the army and attacked Ithaca in great numbers. The beasts and monsters around the region also take advantage of the opportunity to advance their force. New enemy units will be updated continuously!

Heavy infantryextremely agile and resilient with skilled shielding skills.
Fire archer in addition to the ranged attack, this is also a nightmare for wooden architecture.

Underworld Phalanxa solid shield for other troops, always at the front line.
Death Cavalry possesses the ability to increase the strength of allies with strong sweeping attacks.

They are legendary creatures that have caused countless disasters to mankind. They have special skills that are dangerous to break through our defenses. Or they will ravage the city of Ithaca with their own ferocious primordial power. New enemy units will be updated continuously!

Plant Nymph – pure beauty of nature, possessing magic, taking pleasure in human killing.

Thracian Giant – the descendant of the giant beast of Thrace, and the bloodthirst is not inferior to their ascendant.

Cyclops – The vile creatures are always looking for opportunities to eat the human.
Erinys – Goddess of Revenge of the Underworld.

The war will break out across Ithaca, we must hold our own against many kinds of enemies, but pay special attention to the Bosses. They are legendary mythical creatures that caused so much agony for mankind. After defeating these bosses, Dio and his comrades will gain many precious weapons.

Accompany us

We develop Legendary Hoplite in parallel with community building. Where we can play games together and share our love for Greek mythology.

We look forward to receiving as many ideas about characters, monsters, items, stories, quests, etc. in the game as possible from the community. Then, through events and conversations that are maintained continuously throughout the game development process in channels like Discord, Facebook, Reddit: Together, we will make those ideas into reality: items, characters, events, features… will actually appear in the game.

It’s going to be an interesting time for sure since we’ve been together. Hope everyone will like Legendary Hoplite and contribute many ideas to improve the game until it is ready to be released.

Please join the platforms below to accompany us in the development of Legendary Hoplite. Good luck and see you again.