The Trojan War – The 10 years war between the Greek Alliance and Troy ended, resulted in the end of Troy. Odysseus, the King of Ithaca, became a legend with the trick of the Trojan Horse.

Odysseus way home – The journey of Odysseus back to Ithaca, his homeland, that took 10 years. With a happy ending, Odysseus reclaims his throne and lived peacefully with his wife and son.

Incident at Ithaca – The peacetime of Ithaca during the reign of Odysseus did not last long, an unexpected event occurred that led to Odysseus’ death by his own bastard. Before his death, Odysseus broke a sacred oath, his action revealed a critical secret.

Legendary Hoplite Begins – The breaking of Odysseus’s oath led to extremely serious consequences. Ithaca’s army had to face a huge war to survive. The outcome of this war would decide the fate of all humanity.

Rise of the Underworld – The war broke out, the army of the dead swarmed the gate of Ithaca. Insidious conspiracy gradually revealed.

Endless Enmity – The army of centaurs had arrived in extremely great numbers. They recruited other monsters, determined to bathe in the blood of Ithaca. But the real danger comes from another wicked creature.

Abyssal Greed A mysterious ancient species appeared. They attacked Ithaca using crafty strategies like they have prepared for this war for a long time. This time, they would not leave without their target.

A terrifying event would happen at the end!